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The Ugliest?

June 1, 2012

Uglier Yet!
 It’s absolutely incredible after researching Orrin Woodward, the personal assaults this man endures. Near as one can tell there is a movement by a seven to ten person minority, (Amway drones if you will), who placed profit over principles, to discredit every step this man takes. The consistent background noise of these insignificant anonymous critics toward a proven successful leader, innovator, and business builder is a bit embarrassing to the back biters themselves. Common sense tells us that if one has been as evil and underhanded as the committee of “they” imply in their blogosphere kangaroo court of injustice, Orrin Woodward would have lost credibility and his following long ago. Yet the opposite seems true!
So First They Attack His Integrity!
 The first core of credibility is a man’s integrity. Without a integrity and trust it would certainly be impossible to build any kind of following, yet Orrin Woodward has inspired individuals worldwide to yearn for the information he produces. He’s a keynote speaker, along with his partner Chris Brady, at Art Jonak’s Mastermind Event where the best of the best in the Multi-Level Marketing field come to learn. Now if this guy is characterless as implied by his faceless critics, wouldn’t common sense mandate that his own dog would avoid him? Yet here we have most of the top leaders in the Direct Sales Industry paying good money to hear his thoughts. I’m satisfied that if Orrin Woodward was the villain his naysayers suggested, that event would be bankrupt, not growing every year as it does.
Then They Attack His Intent!
 This one is a beauty! On these web sites they have the two or three contributors who consistently whine about how Orrin took advantage of them. Without coercion, and of their own free will, they attended meetings, purchased products without a soul pointing a weapon at them, (products I understand have a total money back guarantee), watched others succeed around them, and then because for whatever reason they decided to discontinue the program, Orrin intended to defraud them. They chose to malign him publicly after ignoring the return policy, rather than confronting the individual to blame in the morning mirror. If you purchase an exercise machine, don’t follow the instructions, don’t use the money back guarantee, it’s not the machine, nor the company’s fault the results didn’t follow, especially when thousands of others have lost weight! They didn’t have any intent to defraud a lazy individual. They simply offered an opportunity, and once again I’ll point out, an opportunity free of risk because the materials are backed up with a refund policy. If anything Orrin is guilty of setting the bar too high for the Amway drones, as he asked that common sense be applied when joining his organization.
So Now They Attack His Credentials!
Your going to love this! Since Amway and their collection of drones have labeled Orrin a “misleader”, Orrin Woodward and Chris Brady have been noted as the #6 and the #11 Leadership Guru’s in the world, among other numerous awards. Orrin has also received the prestigious  #1 Leadership Site by the Independent Association of Business, a million member strong organization. This infuriates his critics! How can this devil be recognized and dispel all the hard work they’ve done trying to discredit him? So the drones went right to work attacking the credentials they had bestowed upon them. Apparently this nondescript collections of boo-wooers chose to attack the award presenter as in on the plot to bring Orrin and Chris to notoriety. I’m assuming they think you’ll ignore the Master Mind thing above, and proceed to announce to the world that Leadership Guru International is a vanity website hosted by Arthur Carmazzi. Evidently “they” would like you to believe Arthur does this to promote himself as a leader. Here’s were this all falls apart. If you were the self promoter “they” accuse Mr. Carmazzi of, wouldn’t he win his own contest? If an individual who teaches leadership isn’t qualified to run this award, who is? Someone not familiar with Leadership the drones would also disqualify! The argument lacks common sense. He’s actually listed as #9, so does that discredit the 8 before him and the 21 behind him? I think John Maxwell as #1 would be upset to know he’s a phony. Stephen Covey comes in right after him as phoney #2, then Ken Blanchard, Robin Sharma, Warren Bennis, the Orrin Woodward. That’s pretty good company, but the Internet guru critics tell us it’s all a scam and Orrin and Chris are not worthy to be there. Nowhere are the nameless, faceless, cowards who try to smear the award listed. Imagine that! Perhaps they fall short of the qualifications?  
But it doesn’t end there….”They” question the validity of the IAB Top Leadership Site award! First “they” question who were the nominees. Let’s answer that!
Jim Collins
John Maxwell
Orrin Woodward
Tony Robbins
Jack Welsh
Tom Peters
Marshall Goldsmith
Robin Sharma
Ken Blanchard
Stephen Covey
 You know it looks like a list of leaders one would turn to for leadership advice. Those are some heavy hitters! It would be an honor to just be included in that company, let alone top the list! So are they all frauds? The crowd of Orrin Woodward critics would like you to believe so. But alas, they have no case here either. Let’s examine the IAB, because “they” are bound to try to discredit that next! Note:(“They” don’t seem to have much of a purpose but to try to discredit!)  Jim Collins won it last year, did they discredit him then?
Independent Association of Businesses is a non profit trade group for the purpose to help American small businesses flourish and effectively creates jobs in the US. Seems straight forward enough!
Over the past 28 years, IAB has been involved in the lives of small business owners and the self employed workers across America. Well over a million members later, we refined our name to Independent Association of Businesses better clarity who we benefit, empower and serve. Now it seems a little difficult to buy off a million members, perhaps “they” were mistaken?
Move along people, there is nothing here to see. Well except a qualified leadership expert receiving deserved, credible recognition, and further egg on the face of the committee defined as “they.”
So Last “They” Assault Orrin’s Track Record!
When all else fails highlight the “quitters” who failed in the business model. Ignore the numerous individuals who are competent and have success in Orrin’s opportunity. At last count the web sites had about 8 to 10 complainers, which since everything they’ve presented so far was fabricated, you can probably chalk up to 2 people with multiple sign on names. Given the extent “they” go to in an effort to distort the truth, it’s a distinct possibility! The winners in Orrin’s “scheme” out weigh the whiners. He’s backed up with credible achievements, and accolades from giants in the industry, yet still “they” persist. Could it be “they” have an agenda? Could “they” be part of a grand scheme trying to topple Orrin so his departure from a past business opportunity doesn’t reflect badly on the reputation of the former company? This vendetta is driven by deeper motives than are obvious to the casual observer. Fortunately a quick trip down the path of common sense reveals what a farce this whole endeavor really is. What is damning is the collateral damage these cowards do to the industry and consequently the theft of opportunity from the unsuspecting. Shame on you Amthrax! Your motives are self serving and cowardly.  Tell us Mr. No Name, are you willing to stand accountable for your deceit? Mr. Woodward has been held accountable in the court of public opinion and passes with flying colors. Here’s the best part! Orrin continues to grow and prosper treating critics as an insignificant specks on an elephant’s backside, while your tantrums gets louder, and the lies become more laughable. As your face reddens with frustration, Orrin’s innovations touch more people in a positive manner. Rational, logical people can see right through this assault once the research is done and the contradictions are exposed. Maybe it’s time you were exposed and brought to trial before the court of public opinion, and you stand the scrutiny?   
Amthrax has to be understood for what it is; a nameless faceless bully, a hired gun. Like a hooded monster standing in the crowd watching a fight, “they” waited for Amway to hold Mr. Woodward down, and while he was bound, gagged, and looked defenseless, “they” began to assaulting him with punches below the belt and kicking what “they” thought was a man down and out. Amthrax serves no constructive purpose to the Multi Level Marketing Industry, well unless your a company with a vendetta. Amway, a multi-billion dollar company called Orrin a “mis-leader,” that faux paw cost them 40,000 people. That frontal assault proved ineffective, and it looks like they have chosen to impune anonymously! Could that be the power that drives the relentless assault on a man simply trying to help others improve? For whatever reason this non stop barrage of fact less innuendo continues, Amthrax should take heed. Orrin Woodward has shed his bounds, and the corporate bully is no longer holding him back. A recent case in Texas has held anonymous bloggers fiscally accountable for trying to financially damage another individual on the Internet. Amthrax best hope is that Mr. Woodward maintains his laser focus on other’s self improvement and doesn’t choose to address the false accusations intended to do his business and him harm. But isn’t it when a bully is held accountable and confronted that “they” back down? Food for thought! 

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  1. Luc Bourque permalink

    Thank you for standing up and sharing the truth about Orrin. Great post!

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