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The Opening Bell!

April 18, 2012

 This is like the opening bell at the New York Stock Exchange, all the excitement of a new beginning just like they experience everyday on the floor of the exchange. It’s also similar because like the traders there is much speculation as to the coming events, never quite sure of the outcome. One thing I can promise you is it’ll be exciting!
 The mission statement of this endeavor is to bring to light the Clint Eastwood affect. We are going to expose  “The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly,” of this industry with the intent of washing it clean. Nothing sweeps as clean as a new broom!
 So let’s get started! Clint decided to expose the “good” first, and what better way to kick-off a blog than to highlight a few shining stars in this industry. The people who work tirelessly to preserve and protect this business model, often times by exposing it’s shortcomings for all to see in an effort to achieve credibility.
Names like Chris and Josephine Gross, CEO and Editor in Chief of Networking Times, a publication dedicated to the advancement of networking worldwide. Then there is Troy Dooley over at the MLM Help Desk, the closest thing to a mother pit bull protecting her young. You have to add Kevin Thompson MLM Attorney to the list, and it would be remiss to overlook the hard work of Art Jonak and his Mastermind Events, dedicated to furthering communication between the major players of this industry.
 If your in a networking business, you need to know and follow these people. They are the behind the scene players who are committed to bringing your business model into a favorable spotlight and exposing the charlatans who abuse this industry without conscience. They are also the “go to” folks when you have a question or a problem that’s not being resolved within your company. Network marketers can take solace knowing they are on the job, protecting your ability to rise above the fray by exercising your entrepreneurial spirit. The Guardian Angels committed to you getting a “fair shake!” 

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